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Profile Of A Driverseat Designated Driver


Putting your finger on what makes someone a great Coachman with Driverseat is very difficult, if not, impossible. Every person who has or is working with us does so for different reasons. We have had a number of people over the years who have said, “I never thought I would […]

Driver Seat Expands Into Burlington


New franchise partners Mike and Patti McMillan have launched three new territories in Burlington and Milton, Ontario. The two bring significant experience and knowledge to our brand, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. Look forward to upcoming information on their official launch. It seems like the […]

No Driver-Seat Coachman


Reflecting back on when I was younger, life was simple, lots of fun, and my wife and I were DINK’s (dual income no kids). Because we did not need extra income at that time (which is not the case today with three kids), I would not necessarily have ever considered driving […]

Best Three Reasons To Be A Driver


Driverseat is changing the way people look at transportation. Heading out for an evening with friends or family, and taking a driver with them is becoming a common occurance. It wouldn’t be possible without the amazing Coachmen and Coachwomen who provide the service through our Driverseat franchise. In nearly 200 communities, […]

The Season For Dents And Dings


The Holidays can be an exceptionally stressful time, especially close to Christmas Day. People running around trying to finish up shopping and sitting in traffic for long periods of time can try the patience of anyone. Impatience can lead to poor driving decisions or road rage. Calm down, give yourself […]